Medical Travel Advice and Vaccinations

Whether you are off on an adventure holiday or a beach trip – it is important to know and avoid any possible health risks at your destination. Regardless of whether you are travelling to the heart of Africa, the vibrant landscapes of Asia or the enchanting regions of South America: our expert advice is perfectly tailored to the requirements of your chosen destination.

Advice tailored to your travel destination

What vaccinations do I need for my destination? What should I pack in the first-aid kit? How do I protect myself against diseases like malaria? What do I need to know when travelling with small children? We provide information about the specific health risks of your destination, for example, disease transmission through insects, eating local foods or contact with animals, as well as the most important precautions.

Whether malaria prophylaxis, recommended vaccines or local hygiene measures, we offer individual advice tailored to your destination. We administer all the necessary vaccinations recommended according to your destination. After the consultation, you can get your vaccinations directly with us. If you are already vaccinated, we can check whether your vaccinations are up-to-date and refresh them if necessary. Travel vaccinations should ideally be completed at least 14 days before travel. It is therefore important to make an appointment well in advance, preferably four to eight weeks before departure.

Specific vaccination protection for your destination

For some destinations, vaccinations are mandatory, for example against yellow fever. We make sure you have all the information about required vaccinations and health regulations for your destination. As a certified WHO yellow fever vaccination centre, we always have a supply of yellow fever vaccine. Vaccination should take place 10 days before travel to a yellow fever area if possible. ➔ Vaccines we offer

Current data for informed travel decisions

Our recommendations are based on the latest information about global epidemics and changing entry requirements for various countries, which we also share with you on our travel medicine platform Healthy Travel. Here you will also find an overview of possible health risks and vaccinations.

We adapt our recommendations to the current situation so that you can make informed decisions about your travel plans. Your safety, your health and your wellbeing are always our priority.

Travel advice by telephone

You can use our paid advice hotline to receive up-to-date health information for your travel planning without having to come in person. Our specialist medical staff will provide you with comprehensive expert advice about preventive measures against malaria, current disease outbreaks and health-related entry requirements for countries around the world. ➔ Call us at 0900 57 51 31 (Monday–Friday, 09:00–11:00, CHF 2.69/min, Swiss landline)

Family and groups

The health of your child is especially important when travelling. A thorough medical consultation before your trip is therefore essential. We take the time to offer you and your family comprehensive advice and to answer your questions. Please schedule an hour or more for your appointment.

We also offer group consultations, especially for expeditions or travel to climatically challenging areas or high altitudes, to ensure that all participants are in good physical shape.

Specific medical requirements

Travellers with special medical requirements such as chronic illnesses, low immunity or pregnancy can make an appointment directly or get a referral from their GP. Some travel insurance providers may ask travellers to provide proof of fitness to travel to ensure that no health problems occur during the trip. We can carry out the required examination. Please note that the exact requirements for fitness-to-travel checks can vary depending on the destination and the type of trip. We recommend you check the specific requirements beforehand.

We offer tailored travel advice in preparation for your trip. The costs of the travel consultation depend on the time required and are based on the TARMED standard medical time tariff (➔ see our price list). A consultation lasts on average 25 minutes; families should allow one hour. As part of the travel consultation, your current vaccine protection is checked and an individual vaccination schedule is drawn up.

The costs of any vaccinations required as well as their administration and documentation in the vaccination certificate are not included in the travel consultation. We generally do not offer the administration of vaccinations without first checking your existing vaccine protection and the indication. The travel consultation and vaccinations must be paid for on site at the day of the appointment (cash, card or Twint). Invoicing or direct billing to your health insurance is not possible. Any part-vaccinations required for basic immunisation must be paid for on the day of administration.

You will receive a reimbursement certificate on payment, which you can submit to your health insurance. Mandatory health insurance usually covers the costs of the recommended routine vaccinations as well as some other vaccinations and vaccinations for people with an increased risk of exposure or complications (if the deductible (“franchise”) has already been exhausted). Please check with your health insurance as to which individual costs they cover.

  • Any vaccination cards or proof of previous vaccinations
  • Allergy/medication list
  • Information about your trip/travel itinerary
  • Swiss health insurance card